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Movie annotation made easy

Update 1.8

MovieMarkup 1.8 is now available. It includes lots of improvements and enhancements including the ability to append videos, crop sections from a video, and insert videos (overlayed) on to the main video. 

24th July 2023 0

Update 1.4

MovieMarkup 1.4 is now available. It includes a new feature ‘Zoom track’ which allows you to zoom in on areas of the the video as it plays. It also includes new ‘cropping’ features to allow you to remove sections of the original video prior to annotation.

13th August 2020 0

MovieMarkup Facebook Group

We have just setup a Facebook Group for MovieMarkup. Please join and gain access to help and support in using the app.   MovieMarkup Group

8th April 2019 0

MovieMarkup 1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that the first version of MovieMarkup is now available in the  Apple AppStore . It is a free app which will let you annotate your videos with a one ink style and then export with a MovieMarkup watermark. In-app purchases are available to enable more (or all) of the app’s features.

20th July 2018 0

Beta testing now

Please contact us if you would like to become a beta-tester. We have used this app extensively in-house to produce how-to videos, but we need it to be tested by others prior to its release.

14th June 2018 0