Movie annotation made easy

Powerful features

Versatile editing tools to add annotation easily at any point in a movie


Cloud enabled

Easily import movies from the cloud, and export annotated movies back into the cloud


Animated annotation

Annotation can be animated when drawn into the movie


Apple Pencil

MovieMarkup has full support for Apple Pencil

Introducing MovieMarkup

MovieMarkup is new app for iPad or iPhone which lets you quickly and easily annotate a video/movie of your choice. Whether you are just wanting to add a short handwritten message or signature to a movie or to add many annotations at many points in a movie, MovieMarkup is the app for you. It quickly lets you to fast forward to the point in the movie you want to annotate. It then has a suite of drawing tools to choose from including 8 different pen styles, fully attributed text, shapes and polygons to annotate with. All elements you add are editable so you can adjust your changes until you are happy with them, at which point you can export the movie with the annotations fully integrated into the movie.

A Univeral iOS App

MovieMarkup has been developed as both an iPad and iPhone app so you can use it on either device depending on your needs.

For iPad

The larger screen and the Apple Pencil make this the ideal platform for doing the most detailed markup and annotation of a movie

For iPhone

The iphone can be used very effectively to markup a movie when you are out and about too.


MovieMarkup uses the same ink rendering engine as our flagship app ZoomNotes ,which means it shares the great zoomability, and the lovely smooth handwriting capture and ink rendering. However, it applies this to a new domain, that of marking-up (annotating) videos. Whilst this should be a very complicated task we have spent our time making the app super easy to use, which means you can spend your time planning what to add to your videos rather than think about how to do it.


This is how easy it is:

Move the video to the point you wish to annotate, write, draw or type your annotation. Then preview the result.

Latest News

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Update 1.8

MovieMarkup 1.8 is now available. It includes lots of improvements and enhancements including the ability to append videos, crop sections from a video, and insert videos (overlayed) on to the[…]

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Update 1.4

MovieMarkup 1.4 is now available. It includes a new feature ‘Zoom track’ which allows you to zoom in on areas of the the video as it plays. It also includes[…]

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13th August 2020 0

MovieMarkup Facebook Group

We have just setup a Facebook Group for MovieMarkup. Please join and gain access to help and support in using the app.   MovieMarkup Group

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