Movie annotation made easy

Unique feature set

Whether you want to write a short message on a video before emailng to a friend or make ‘how to’ videos with annotated elements within a video, MovieMarkup has the features you need to get excellent results quickly.

Great annotation Tools

Many different and versatile editing tools allow you to add annotation easily at any point in a movie.

Easy and quick

A few simple steps produce you an annotated video. 

Fully attributed text

Mix fonts, colours, sizes all in one piece of annotation text. Either with or without a filled and/or bordered box around it.


8 pen styles

Handwritten annotation can use a choice of 8 different pen styles, each of which is fully configurable in terms of thickness, colour, and opacity. 

Timeline precision

Timeline editor allows you to acccurately position annotation in the movie and how they should behave when visible (their scale, rotation and movement).


Perfectly Configurable

Whether it is your favourite pen styles, text styles or actual annotations, you can save them for re-use in every movie you want to annotate.  

Apple Pencil

MovieMarkup has been developed with the Apple Pencil in mind. The precision it gives to hand-written annotation including 100% reliable palm protection is invaluable. Also for making the small changes on the timebar to get your annotations positioned exactly at the correct point in the movie.